Blakenhall Park, rural offices for rent and lease in staffordshire

Rural offices for rent and lease in staffordshire

Testimonial from Packington Free Range

Since setting up Packington Free Range, a meat marketing and distribution company, 5 years ago Blakenhall Park has provided the business with office space as well as commercial space to run our distribution and cold storage facilities out of.

As a location it is second to none, close to all major communication links for distribution and with Lichfield having a 1hr 10 mins train service to London ideal for accessing customers in the capital.

As a place to work Blakenhall offers space, first rate facilities and an environment that is welcoming and professional to exisiting and potential customers.

While Packington Free Range has grown over the last 5 years, the support and flexibility we have found through the helpful team at Blakenhall Park has meant we have been able to grow our office space and facilities with the business gradually.

This has been an invaluable service in a location and environment that I would fully recommend for any business.