Blakenhall Park, rural offices for rent and lease in staffordshire

Rural offices for rent and lease in staffordshire

Spring 2013

Blakenhall is very proud of its conversion of old disused buildings into new offices and decided to celebrate its success by treating itself to a new Estate Office. For those of you that already know us, we converted the old storage shed adjacent to our previous estate office (renamed The Granary) and we moved into our brand new offices in October 2010. Our move went very well and has been much appreciated by visitors to the site as we are more visible, being directly at the top of the drive.

There has not been many changes over the last twelve months, which for the site is a good thing!  All the buisnesses that ‘reside’ here are doing well despite the general ecomonic state.  Unfortunately we can’t quite attribute Blakenhall Park to their continued success but it would be nice to think that its the successful people & their companies that are most attracted to being here.  We certainly know that visitors to Blakenhall always like to return, which must reflect in good relationships with all our working colleagues and customers.

Due to popular demand we have further extended our secure storage here on-site at Blakenhall. These are 20ft containers that are wind & water proof with high security padlocks. They are ideal for document storage so are offered to tenants at excellent rates on short or long term hire.